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love sex with any body

D&Ad New Blood 2020 Pencil Winner



The belief that disabled people have no desire to have sex, leads to them being excluded from sex and sex education.


Durex will change this with the campaign: love sex with any body.

Durex will add illustrations to their condom wrappers/ lubes. Which when held up to disability signs, gives an authentic window into the sex lives of disabled people.


Alongside their new products, Durex will create a safe community by asking people to sign #PleasurePledge. Once signed they will have access to free, real & fully inclusive sex education. Disabled people have historically been excluded from sex, but not anymore.


Molly Brewer: Copy-Art Hybrid / Editor / Script Writer

Nade Kirov:    Art-Copy Hybrid / Editor / Script Writer

Tarald Tvedt: Voiceover Actor

Case Study

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